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Questo Amore...11
Mikey stared at Frank's swollen abdomen and then to his brother. Frank flushed deeply and looked away as Mikey stared into his brother's eyes.
"Explain this, brother. What witchcraft is this?" Mikey asked and Gerard glared at his brother, his hands protectively winding around Frank's middle, as if protecting the babies from Mikey's glare. Mikey's eyes widened for a moment. "Brother've taken a servant! What have you done?!" Mikey shouted and Gerard growled, holding Frank closer to his chest. Frank whimpered and nuzzled into Gerard's neck, reaching down to rub his stomach softly.
Sebastiano, Apollo and Valencio stepped back to allow the brothers to squabble. Apollo bounced Arturo gently, cooing to the baby as Valencio played with his tiny feet.
"I need explain nothing to you, Micheal. My will is my own and my agenda is none of your concern." Gerard spat and Mikey growled, clenching his fists.
"Gerard, I have come to terms with the fact that you are a sodomite, but that does not
:iconthechimnysweep:TheChimnySweep 12 19
Promises 20
Frank Still In Comatose:
I sighed as I sat at Brendon and Ryan's dining room table. It was about a month after Gerard and I settled on the divorce and nothing seemed to be going right. Everything felt so off and I just wished that I'd told Gerard about my labor before I actually had. Everything would be okay if I had! I let my head fall into my hands as I leaned my elbows on the table and cried. I needed my life back. I couldn't do this any longer! I shook my head and felt my body tremble as I cried. I felt Ryan's hand on my shoulder but didn't acknowledge him. I really thought Gerard loved me! He...he waited for me to remember him and gave up on me for this? Maybe he was just lying the whole time...
"Frankie, bro, you need to stop killing yourself for this." Ryan muttered and I sniffled.
"I can't help it! I killed my son! And I lost my husband! Please Ryan tell me why I should stop beating myself up over this!" I shouted and Ryan frowned, leaning down and kissing my forehead.
"Wake up
:iconthechimnysweep:TheChimnySweep 22 21
Full Time Live-In 16
Mikey paced back and forth across my room. I just whimpered and shivered under my covers. I hated it when Mikey was mad. Especially when it was my fault. I just hoped he didn't fire Frank. That would just break my heart forever.
I felt Mikey sit beside me on the bed and pulled the blankets away. I whimpered and shivered, diving deeper under the covers.
"Oh Gerard. No, it's me, Mikey. That rapist is gone, now, it's just me." Mikey cooed and I rolled me eyes, peeking out from the covers, with a raised eyebrow. "Oh Gerard, what did he do to you? Did he violate you before?" He asked and I scoffed, shaking my head at him and rolling my eyes.
"Frank...g-good." I managed to say and saw Mikey's eyes widen, staring at me in shock.
"What? Gerard did you just talk?" He asked and I nodded. I grabbed my notepad and scribbled quickly.
I made Frank promise not to tell. It was our secret. Frank's not bad, Mikey. He's good. I asked him to...I wanted him kiss me... I wrote and Mik
:iconthechimnysweep:TheChimnySweep 18 13
Even. 6
I can't believe Gerard killed Pete. Holy shit. Frank thought as he ran back to the pack with Patrick. The other wolf was a mess, sniffling and sobbing loudly. Frank sighed and nudged Pat, telling him it would be okay. Pat nudged back weakly and Frank sighed.
"I'm really sorry about that." Frank muttered and Patrick nodded.
"Yeah. Me too. I just...I can't believe he's gone." Patrick whispered and Frank sighed.
"I know it'll be hard. But...if you need someone to talk to...Pussy-Pup is all ears." Frank muttered with a small grin and Patrick smiled half-heartedly.
"I'm sorry we called you that." Pat said and Frank shrugged.
"It's fine, Pat." Frank muttered when he suddenly heard a growl from behind him. Frank winced and turned around, his ears laying flat on his head and his tail going between his legs. He whimpered as Darren growled and bared his teeth harshly at Frank.
"I need to speak with you." He said in a dark tone and Frank nodded, following closely behind his alpha as
:iconthechimnysweep:TheChimnySweep 9 20
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Need You :Frerard: :iconthechimnysweep:TheChimnySweep 49 27
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Telemarketing :Frerard: :iconthechimnysweep:TheChimnySweep 73 42
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Fame 06 :iconthechimnysweep:TheChimnySweep 19 25
Promises 19
"Nate! Ah! Nate!" Lance shouted as his contracting belly pinned him onto the couch. He just hoped Nate would hear him, or maybe Matt even, at least then someone would know that his water broke. "Nate please!" He screamed, almost in tears as Nate came thundering down the stairs in worry, looking over his overdue husband.
"What, bunny? What is it?" He asked and Lance began to cry.
"My water broke and I can't get up!" He sobbed and Nate immediately jumped into action, grabbing the hospital bag and herding Matt out of his room and into the car. Nate then rushed back and helped Lance up, pulling him up the stairs to change quickly and grab his body pillow before they hurried down the stairs and into the car. Nate watched frantically as Lance moaned with very close contractions. Matt stared at his mother in pure worry as he screamed and clutched his big belly.
"Daddy? Is mommy okay? Is baby okay?" He asked and Nate sighed.
"Yes, honey, Mommy's okay, your sibling wants to be born soon is all.
:iconthechimnysweep:TheChimnySweep 20 45
Mature content
Dirty Dancing :Frerard: :iconthechimnysweep:TheChimnySweep 80 55
Mature content
Dancing With The Devil :22-?: :iconthechimnysweep:TheChimnySweep 21 20
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Promises 18 :iconthechimnysweep:TheChimnySweep 24 22
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Full Time Live-In 14 :iconthechimnysweep:TheChimnySweep 23 30
I'll Be Watching :Frerard:
I ran a hand through my hair for the umpteenth time that day, pacing across the wooden floor of my bedroom. I hadn't slept in too long to remember, maybe it was days, maybe it was weeks, I really didn't know, or care. All I could think about was that he wasn't home yet. He promised me he'd come home. He said he would.
I shook my head and sat on our bed quickly, running a hand through my greasy hair again. My husband and I had gotten into a fight and he'd stormed out in a huff, telling me not to wait up for him and that he would be back later.
It had been so long I couldn't tell if he really was coming home. I tried calling him, but his phone always went to voicemail and that only raised my anxiety levels. I couldn't sleep without knowing where my husband was. I couldn't just rest when I didn't know if he was safe or not. He was my everything and I felt empty and lost without him.
I sighed softly and curled up on the bed, hugging his pillow close to me, burying my face in the soft fabri
:iconthechimnysweep:TheChimnySweep 34 29


Mpreg third contest - nerves and tears by ILITIAFOREVER
Mature content
Mpreg third contest - nerves and tears :iconilitiaforever:ILITIAFOREVER 236 28
+ mpreg meme + by Bunny-Boss + mpreg meme + :iconbunny-boss:Bunny-Boss 2,700 551 Castiel inspired tattoo by edoddodi Castiel inspired tattoo :iconedoddodi:edoddodi 91 22 Destiel - If Willow Rosenberg Can by Gatergirl79 Destiel - If Willow Rosenberg Can :icongatergirl79:Gatergirl79 140 33 Gerard by Solai-Tsukada Gerard :iconsolai-tsukada:Solai-Tsukada 34 6 What Marshall does when no one is Looking... by CaptainBree What Marshall does when no one is Looking... :iconcaptainbree:CaptainBree 567 70
So very Larg pt.1
It Starts with Two
P.G glared into Marshall's demon eyes inches from his face, as Marshall glared back with a snarl on his lip. The two of them stood there facing each other; tense, like angry wolves.
Marshall grunted, turning to leave through the opened stairwell window. Before Marshall could escape Prince Gumball grabbed him by his sweater caller and pinned him against the wall; their bodies pressed closely together, their noses almost touching.
They held each others glare. What had started this fight? What had gotten them so angry?
Marshall could almost laugh, it was so stupid.
Instead of pushing P.G off of him Marshall pressed his mouth to Gumball's, his hands flat against the stone behind him. Gumball was too surprised to pull away, and let Marshall kiss him. Marshall tilted his head, trying to pry Gumball's lips apart. When the Prince resisted, the vampire pricked his bottom lip with needle shape fangs.
P.G jumped back, away from Marshall, out of surprise. Marsha
:iconblacksole13:blacksole13 29 9
You Wanna Talk About It? by Hootsweets You Wanna Talk About It? :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 5,065 263 Pg6 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... by Hootsweets Pg6 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 4,195 232 Pg5 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... by Hootsweets Pg5 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 4,425 277 Pg4 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... by Hootsweets Pg4 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 4,968 549 Pg3 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... by Hootsweets Pg3 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 3,451 105 Pg2 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... by Hootsweets Pg2 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 3,493 136 Pg1 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... by Hootsweets Pg1 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 7,133 313


Mmmmm I really like this story. Like a lot XD but what happened to the kid in the bathroom? I liked him. And I get this feeling like St...

Wow! I saw that picture a while ago and SHIT woman! This is so damn good! I really really love this. I thought that the description was...



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I'll sweeten the deal because I feel generous XD

points=oneshots =D I'm broke but people seem to like my writing, so depending on the amount, each person who donates will receive a oneshot and because I really want to get this pool up I'll do ANY pairing requested EXCEPT waycest, I'm desperate, I'm not that desperate. XD so yeah! Thanks guys! I will post on your main-page whenever you donate and ask what you want your oneshot to be about. Kay? Please keep in mind I also need to finish my other stories, so oneshots won't be up IMMEDIATELY but they will be rather quick mkay? Yay =)

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So I feel pretty prickish....

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 23, 2013, 10:31 PM
Hey's been a long time, huh? God I really need to stop lying to you guys. I really do. Because I'm not being fair to any of the people who like my writing and any of the friends I've made on here. I'm kind of an asshole. I thought I was going to get back into writing and get all this new stuff out and it would be fine...but I'm starting to realize that really isn't going to happen. I am going to try my VERY HARDEST to finish the god damn stories I have left hanging, but I'm not going to make promises anymore because it's just going to  be broken. I feel like a bad person, but I've been so busy and I can feel that my fanfiction writing days are quickly coming to a close. I love everyone I've met on this site and every encounter I've had has changed my life, it truly has. But I feel like I just started writing things to get views at some point and I stopped writing for myself and that's why I lost inspiration. I have oneshots that I need to write for other people, but I don't know how finishing those other stories are going to go. I want to finish them, I really do, but I just have zero motivation and I just don't want to get everyone's hopes up for nothing again. I may put things up at random as surprises but I don't know how that will go.


I will still be on dA and I will be surfing and commenting on anything gay, smutty and delicious that catches my eye. I'll read the stories I've been reading and take any suggestions anyone has to offer to read and read those too. I love all of you guys so much I need to emphasize that I'm not disappearing right now, I won't be on every day or anything, but I will definitely be here and watching all my little birdies grow up and fly away. I hope you guys don't resent my for the decision I've made and that you'll still note me and talk to me as often as possible! I love hearing from you guys and talking and everything, so please don't think I'm just dropping off the planet. You guys mean a lot to me and I won't let that just go away. Never.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

S.C.D. Skin
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Well, My name is Cassidy, in case you couldn't already tell. I like to swear, and I do it all the fucking time! My friend told me I should come on here I am! I like to write Freard so haters will be ignored, so the easiest solution? Don't fuckin' read it if you're gonna bitch about it! I dabble a bit in Mpreg, so once again if you don't like, don't read or comment. I play the Cello, like a beast! Hah! I have two brothers. Tony is the oldest and he makes fun of me all the fucking time! But oh well, I kind of have to love him. Then there's Allen, and he is so damn cute when he isn't randomly going on my computer and bothering people on here! Allen is 11 Tony is 20 I'm somewhere in the middle...HAH! alright that's all I got for now....=P

Favourite genre of music: A whole lotta stuff!
MP3 player of choice: iPod touch
Skin of choice: Mine
Favourite cartoon character: Danny Phantom

Just so I can use this on a regular basis ---> (ノ 益)ノ ︵┻━┻ XD bahahaha



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